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Mending Broken Benefit + Book Signing Event
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About Mending Broken ...

After four years in the darkness of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Teresa woke up--in slow and painful fits and starts. Like a process of birthing and with the sensation of tearing wide open, she was given life again. 

The essays and reflections in  mending broken form a brief composite; with the eye of a therapist who has studied the academics and mechanics of trauma for years, and with the personal experience of a survivor, like any other, Teresa takes you on the journey of one woman trying to find her way out of painful darkness, and into the light of healing and recovery.

This journey includes yoga, meditation, finding faith, and reclaiming love. It is a mental, emotional, and spiritual journey from broken back to wholeness. 

" This book is so helpful as it speaks from the heart.  Reading this you'll emerge knowing you can be whole and fully alive, no matter what has happened in the past.  We are blessed when people like Teresa B Pasquale, offering us the intimacy of their story, courage and healing - it shines light on the path of our journey. Teresa contributes a great deal by introducing us to her unlikely guides and teachers.  Mending Broken will guide you to your own light and then you'll shine it for others too."

Durga Leela, BA, CAS, PKS, RYT-500, founder of “Yoga of Recovery”, www.yogaofrecovery.com 

"In Mending Broken Teresa B. Pasquale goes where only the bravest writers go: to the deepest and most true layer of experience. She takes this journey with honesty, insight and grace. You will learn things about yourself in these pages, which is what I always hope for in a book.”  

Michele Rosenthal, author of Before the World Intruded + founder of www.healmyptsd.com 

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